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Together with agricultural entrepreneur Bas de Groot from Walden21 we work on project FACE.

FACE gives Korean and Dutch artists the opportunity to do research on how Agri and Food have influenced culture and vice versa. In the past, present and future. In the footsteps of Hendrik Hamel, the artist will be “shipwrecked” in the other country and culture, to work on his/her own ship journal to take back home and expose to the public in an exhibition.

FACE creates a platform for companies to participate and get in touch with oversea business partners in another way. Companies can join as FACE partner in different ways.

For business, culture is the sea where contact is sailing on. To get more understanding and see common opportunities the ship will have the wind to go forward. Artistic interference can generate these ideal circumstances.

Project starts in 2017. What to expect:

  • the exchange: a residency for Korean artists in the Netherlands, and a residency for Dutch artists in Korea;
  • the exhibition: the residency artists present their work together with different artists from both countries;
  • the program: local activities, like pop-dinners, tours, debates, readings, etc;
  • the book: summarizes residency experiences, their outcomes and other relevant research and art projects;
  • business: matchmaking facilities, business focused event sections, etc.

For more information contact

Erika Blikman
+31 (0)6 410 35 774

Bas de Groot
+31 (0)6 281 87 795

Bijschrift: foto gemaakt door Paul van der Blom.